MSSC (Military System Supply Company

Establishment and Mission

The company was founded in 2009 by Mr. Emiljano Dusha with the aim of operating in the field of supplying weapons and ammunition to the military and police, aiming to become a leader in this sector.

Successes and Leadership

After 15 years of activity, ‘MSSC’ has established itself as a leader in the arms and ammunition supply market, having become the primary alternative for defense and security institutions.

Our Staff

“MSSC” currently employs over 30 individuals, including field experts divided into departments:

Certificates and Licenses

Collaboration with major American companies has enabled us to obtain export licenses from the US Department of State following the successful completion of their verification program of MSSC's activities.

Licenses for the Civil Market

“MSSC’’ is equipped with licenses from the General Directorate of State for the civil market, including:

Contracts and Partnerships

The company has entered into significant contracts with key security institutions such as:

Innovation and Technology

The company remains at the forefront of innovation, supplying advanced equipment and technologies to meet defense and security needs.

Vision for the Future

“MSSC” aims to maintain its leadership position in the arms and ammunition supply market, providing advanced and reliable solutions for its clients in the future.