Robust. Ergonomic. Intuitive.

HK416 stands for a performance-optimised assault rifle family, tailored to the tasks of the infantry, as well as the dedicated challenges of special forces of the military and police. The HK416 is based on the original design of the AR-15 system, but has been maximised in technical terms. As a battle-proven assault rifle, the HK416 enjoys a reputation within the NATO alliance as an extremely reliable, safe and highly accurate piece of equipment.

The ideal combination of handling and precision

Product description

Caliber: 5.56 mm x 45 NATO
Operating principle: indirect gas-operated weapon
Bolt system: Locked rotating bolt head
Feed mechanism: Magazine
Cartridge case ejection: Right
Modes of fire: Single fire / sustained fire
Trigger pull: 20 N
Rate of fire: 850 rounds/min
Barrel profile/Twist: Groove/land profile, 6 grooves / right-hand twist
Sights: mechanical dioptre sight
Magazine capacity: 10 / 20 / 30 rounds
Width: 74 mm
Height: 240 mm
Buttstock adjustment travel: 96 mm, 6 Rastpositionen
Magazine HK Gen3 PM, 30 rounds (empty): 158 g