PVS-14 (Gen 3 Hand Selected Alpha, Green Phosphor)

The PVS-14 is a multi-purpose night vision monocular in service with militaries and government agencies worldwide. Featuring the most advanced U.S. made Generation 3 image intensifier tubes, the PVS-14 features variable gain control and bright light automatic shut off. The PVS-14 may be hand-held, head/helmet mounted, or weapon mounted.

Product description

Range Focus 25 cm to infinity
Diopter Focus -6 to +2
Field of View 40˚
Operating Temperature -51˚ C to +50˚C
Storage Temperature -51˚ C to +85˚C
Weight 350 g
Battery 1 AA
Image Intensifier Generation 3 Hand Select Alpha Auto-Gated Image Intensifier
Resolution 64 lp/mm (min)
Signal to Noise 25 (minimum)