Generation 3 (Green or White Phosphor)
Magnification 1x
Range Focus 25 cm to infinity
Diopter Focus -6 to +2
Field of View 40˚
Operating Temperature -51˚ C to +49˚C
Storage Temperature -51˚ C to +85˚C
Weight 680 g/ 24 oz
Size 6L x 6W x 3H (inches)
15L x 15W x 8H (centimeters)
Battery 2 AA

Product description

The PVS-7 is the current military issue night vision goggle used by the US armed forces and is the preferred choice of many foreign allies and law enforcement professionals. Built to withstand the rigours of the battlefield, it delivers exceptional gain and resolution on the darkest of nights. The PVS-7 is offered with the highest quality Generation 3 image intensifier tube and features single tube, bi-ocular design, Mil Spec optics and housing, user-friendly controls, built-in IR illuminator, and internal low battery and IR indicators.