The STEYR HS .50 M1

The STEYR HS .50 M1 is then most powerful sniper rifle produced by STEYR ARMS. With it’s 5 round detachable magazine and multi purpose picatinny rail system it meets all requirements of a modern law enforcement and military long range sniper rifle. The sideloading 5 round magazine allows changing the magazine without moving the rifle. The rifle has a „Take down“ design that allows easy disassembling for transport and same point of impact after reassembling.

Product description


OVERALL-LENGTH: 1460 mm, 57.5“
BARREL-LENGTH: 900 mm, 35.4“
WEIGHT: (without scope) 13.8 kg, 30.4 lbs
MAGAZINE: Detachable box magazine
TRIGGER: 2-stage trigger
SAFETY: Triggersafety